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Metrowest originated from the amalgamation of two Western Australian businesses whose experience in the electrical and poultry sectors constituted the beginning of Metrowest’s identity. The term ‘Metrowest’ refers not only to the individual and collective business entities but also to the electrical and construction business aspirations that have characterised Metrowest since its beginnings.

Whilst the formal commencement date of Metrowest operations is 27 November 1995, Metrowest’s founding members Clay Dawson, James Robinson and Vin Ryan have serviced the electrical industry since the 1970s and early 1980s, meaning that Metrowest’s history has traversed across five decades. In 1999 they were joined by fourth director Peter Robinson, and all four continue to hold an active role in the daily running of the business.

Over the years, Metrowest has steadily increased its presence in the construction industry, extending into commercial building on 26 May 1998 with the establishment of a private company, Metrowest Constructions Pty Ltd. The Metrowest Group trading name was registered on 22 July 2000 as a means of recognising Metrowest businesses in the collective. Whilst there is no parent/subsidiary relationship between the constituent businesses and Metrowest Group, the group trading name reflects the strength of Metrowest.

Today, we specialise in the following major sectors: Construction, Electrical & Communications, Telecommunications, Agricultural Automation and Property Development. From complete project management to 24-hour service providers, Metrowest are unique in our versatility and capability to work anywhere in Australia.

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Metrowest Group Directors

Clay Dawson

James Robinson

Peter Robinson

Vin Ryan

Managing Directors

Peter Breckenridge

Managing Director

Metrowest Special Projects

Clay Dawson

Managing Director

Metrowest Service

General Managers

Mark Lewington

General Manager

Metrowest Constructions

Paul Frank

General Manager

Metrowest Electrical & Communications

Simon Oaten

General Manager

Finance & Corporate