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By utilising a Roxell Dos7 automatic dispenser, SABOR Boar House Project now benefits from precise, feeding for healthy and harmonious animals. Features include: flexible feeding times, simultaneous and silent distribution, automatic refilling while being durable and easy to clean.


From design to maintenance

Working together with Roxell’s automatic feeding systems, we design solutions to achieve better growth, feeding conversions, and optimal hygiene for your animals. Roxell’s Dos 7 provides precision feeding for optimal animal management, and it is achieved through an automatic dispenser for sow and boar feeding.

Our recently completed boar house project for SABOR (Clare, South Australia) perfectly demonstrates this feeding system; every boar gets fed simultaneously. No waiting around to eat means animals are happier and stress-free.


Sabor AI Facility D&C,

Clare, South Australia


Metrowest delivers industry-leading turnkey systems, spare parts, service and support. We can assist you in installing & maintaining the Dos7 feeding system to achieve the same benefits SABOR boar house enjoys. Contact us at +61 8 9416 0666 and talk to our team of specialists for a free consultation.


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Australian Pork Newspaper - September 2021

Read about precision feeding for optimal animal management in Australian Pork Newspaper September release.

Together with Roxell, we design solutions to achieve better growth, feed conversions, and optimal hygiene.