Advanced digital solutions to monitor and control stored grain conditions

Stored grain represents a vast amount of value and unless managed correctly, your storage can lead to greater losses, therefore it is paramount that you protect your harvest.

At Metrowest, we understand the need to protect your grain asset through monitoring and precise automated aeration. The iGrain suite of products and technology gives an unprecedented opportunity to get the best grain storage management and the lowest possible operating cost.

Grain Moisture 

The iGrain intelligent moisture monitoring can determine the grain moisture and is very efficient for aeration control and grain management.

Temperature Monitoring

The iGrain temperature monitoring is necessary primarly for good aeration control.

Aeration Control

100% automatic aeration control is the most distinct feature in grain monitoring.

CO2 Grain Monitoring

The iGrain CO2 sniffer is a carbon dioxide detector that offers the leading approach to detecting infestation and spoilage at the earliest possible time.

Inventory Management

The smart level silo monitoring sensors keep track of the inventory making inventory management easy.

Humidity Control

Automatic head space ventilation control is an integral part of the iGRAIN automatic