Critical Infrastructure

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Metrowest Service specialises in efficient maintenance and repair services to quickly resolve equipment faults and minimise business interruptions. Clients benefit from our 24/7 emergency call-centre and mobile fleet response team.

24/7 Call-Centre Emergency Response

Our National call out service guarantees our customers 24/7 emergency response to critical breakdowns.

Battery system preventative maintenance, capacity testing, condition monitoring and replacement

Metrowest is the AUS/ NZ & PNG sole distributor for Hitec Power Protection DRUPS systems.

With a compact footprint, the Diesel Rotary UPS is a complete power filtering solution for the most critical facilities such as hospitals, data centres and secure facilities where equipment uptime is of the highest priority.

Critical Infrastructure auditing and reporting

A cost-effective UPS solution. Battery backed systems are extremely reliable and are crucial components of any critical business. We offer solutions for all levels of power requirements 1kVa – 800kVa and above. Our highly trained team are capable of servicing units statewide from all manufacturers.

DC Power supplies/ rectifier systems preventative maintenance and repair

Correct charging regimes and regulation of output voltage are essential in prolonging battery life and maintaining optimum performance of DC systems and connected load. Metrowest can offer a complete, comprehensive service of all types of industrial and modular power supplies to ensure the equipment is operating to its intended specifications.

Hitec Dynamic Rotary UPS (DRUPS) preventative maintenance and repair

Battery monitoring and frequent capacity testing is critical to ensure the integrity of the DC or UPS system.

HV and LV Circuit Breaker preventative maintenance and fault rectification

Back-up generators must be frequently tested and maintained to ensure that they are operational. Neglecting maintenance is one of the most common causes of early system failures.

Laser alignment for rotating equipment

HV and LV Circuit breakers and their associated protection relays are responsible for interrupting the supply in the event of a fault situation to protect downstream equipment and personnel. These should be checked as part of a preventative maintenance program to ensure they will operate within the parameters specified.

Lightning/surge protection preventative maintenance and repair

Misalignment of machinery by even the smallest of margins can significantly decrease efficiency and lifespan of equipment. In extreme cases it will even cause catastrophic failure. Contact Metrowest to complete a realignment of your rotating equipment.

Load testing of generators and UPS systems

Sensitive electrical equipment can be extremely susceptible to surges induced by faults in a system or external influences such as lightning. Our team can inspect your installation and

Standby Generator preventative maintenance and repair

High-quality reporting is crucial for equipment monitoring to identify changing operating conditions and performance. With bespoke systems reports, this is one of the pillars of our service.

Static UPS (SUPS) preventative maintenance and repair

Load testing of back up systems is a critical maintenance activity to ensure that they will function as intended under full load conditions.