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The Maintenance Manager is filled with insightful, informative and exciting articles from our team and partners. This is our third newsletter covering gutter cleaning and why it matters.

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Message from Ian

Hello everyone!

At last Spring has finally arrived and with it comes blooming flowers and crisp, fresh air. But as spring showers pour, we are at risk of far more damage than rained-out picnics - we're also at risk for building flooding and water damage.

Flooding and water damage to property can be expensive and frustrating, harming not only the property, but also assets and the wellbeing of occupants. Like most unforeseen events, its not until water damage actually happens that you realise it pays to plan ahead.

In this month's newsletter, it's time to spring into action and understand how to prepare your building or property for water damage.

Ian Claassen

How to prepare your building or property for water damage


In the recently commissioned data-driven report relating to strata insurance, nationally it was found that the top three claim types by loss cost for the period 2016-2020 were:

  • Storm damage ($438M)
  • Water damage ($362M)
  • Fire damage ($248M)

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Water damage is one of the biggest risks to your property and can be costly to mop up. Water dripping through the ceiling, unexplained dampness, leaking hot water systems or pipes can result in a water damage claim. If water damage isn't identified early, it can impact an insurance claim if it's found to be a long-term leak.

We're committed to helping you protect your building or property from the unfortunate effects of water damage.

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How to prevent flooding and water damage

Prevention is better than the cure when it comes to water damage. A good preventative maintenance plan plays a crucial role in helping to protect your property from water damage and identify any water-related issues.

The following tips will teach you how to prevent water damage and how to deal with it if it happens to you.

Roof Inspection

To prevent leaks, get your roof inspected every few years to check the condition of the roof infrastructure. Read about the threefold value of implementing a roof preventative maintenance in our July newsletter edition. Click below to read more.

Keep gutters free of debris 

Clear out gutters and eavestroughs to prevent blockages. Be sure to get rid of any garbage or leaves in your window wells so that accumulated water can drain properly. Read about why clean gutters matter in our August newsletter edition. Click below to read more

Check walls and foundation 

Keep sight of water evident in foundation walls and basement windows. If you notice cracks or water dripping through the ceiling, talk to a professional – this kind of work can often be a bigger job than it appears.

CASE STUDY: Floor damage to medical centre

Investigation showed that his was mostly due to a lack of regular preventative maintenance of roofs and drainage systems.

How to deal with water damage:

Despite taking precautions, sometimes things happen that are beyond our control. In those cases, all you can do is act quickly to try to minimise severity and extent of the damage.

Here are a few actions you can take after reporting the damage:

Contact Metrowest today!

The committed team at Metrowest are trained to identify water damage, determine the source, and stop it before it can negatively impact infrastructure. 

Come and meet us!

Fraser will share insights on how thermographic scanning can detect early issues and allow for preventative maintenance to prevent catastrophic events from occuring.

Come and meet us at the CHU SCA (WA) Convention 2021, 5th of November 2021, and listen to Fraser talk about Thermographic Inspections.

Meet Big Wave Dave

Introducing David Ahlquist, Sales and Engineering Manager for Technical Projects. In another edition of 'Meet the Team', we sat down with Dave to find out what he gets up to on the day to day.

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