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Watch the newest addition to 's iFan family: I-Fan145Xtra

Fancom's latest energy efficient fan is the largest in our I-Fan Xtra fan series and it can be safely labelled a ‘super fan’. The large I-Fan145 Xtra excels in all the traits essential for fans in livestock housing; a virtually indestructible fan with exceptionally high performances and minimum energy consumption.

Add to that its outstanding controllability and comprehensive safety features and you have simply the best fan currently available. And the perfect ventilation solution for your pig or poultry house.


  • Perfect fit for all applications,
    • 75% - 460 RPM, energy efficient, 43,940 m³/h.
    • 85% - 518 RPM, intermediate, 51,390 m³/h.
    • 100% - 610 RPM: High capacity, 62,660 m³/h
  • The additional investment is quickly recovered as the fan combines a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumption.
  • The materials used and the high IP66 classification of the motor mean the fan is highly resistant to the aggressive substances in the house climate, and ensure a long and reliable service life.
  • The safety features provide the additional assurance that the fan will continue to operate under all conditions to protect the animals. Even in situations with strong headwinds and a low RPM, an overload or loss of signals to the climate computer, the fan can be relied on to provide the animals with fresh air.

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