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SABOR Project Profile by Raisa Enego

SABOR Boar House

The project features a perfectly controlled environment via a combi/natural tunnel system and a Metrowest building finished to a high standard.

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Working together with Roxell’s automatic feeding systems, we design solutions to achieve better growth, feeding conversions, and optimal hygiene for your animals. Roxell’s Dos 7 provides precision feeding for optimal animal management, and it is achieved through an automatic dispenser for sow and boar feeding.

FANCOM: i52 inch fans

Together with Fancom, we design the solution to achieve maximum effectiveness using minimal energy, while considering:

  • Animal Comfort
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Air Quality and Flow
  • Cooling
  • CO2 & Relative Humidity


Our SABOR Project featured in April 2021 edition of the Australian Pork Newspaper.

S.A. PIG Industry

SA pig industry commitment leads to $1M expansion. Click button below to read about it.




We offer complete turnkey solutions for your projects, working with you to design and construct bespoke models that are low maintenance, easy to clean, and animal friendly.

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Building Services

Our team of maintenance professionals offer a wide range of reactive and preventative maintenance and repair services across all trades and industry sectors. 

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