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Celebrating 25 years of progress

The new year is a universal time for celebration, but this year is particularly special for us at metrowest group. Whilst the world rings in the new year and a new decade, we are also celebrating our milestone 25th anniversary!

On this year, we are celebrating our 25th year in the business and that makes us nostalgic about how a small business of three tradesmen has now become a well-known and reputable brand in WA. For many, 25 is just a two-digit number, but for us, it has been an exciting journey of progressing into something bigger and more diverse than we dared imagine all those years ago.

As we step into another milestone, we feel extremely proud when we look back at the journey of these significant and remarkable years. We have always been an incredible assortment of dedicated and trustworthy employees who have the zeal of working hard as a team. For this, our sincerest gratitude goes out to everyone. We also hope our employees’ journey with us will always be challenging, stimulating, and a continuous learning and developmental experience.

Finally, we would like to convey a huge thank you from all of us to the thousands of clients with whom we have the privilege to work with over the last twenty-five years, many of whom we continue to work with as friends, consultants, partners, and stakeholders. You have taught us that by working together we move forward together. That the real results of our aspirations can be best seen in your success, in the commitment we value, and in the certainty of creating a brighter future. To help bring this about has been Metrowest’s aspirations for the last 25 years and will continue to be so with you as our main source of inspiration.

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